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How do you spell capitalism? (again) 2019

decostructed TV, media player, steel, video (17:59)
138 x 165 x 135 cm (photo: Sophia Kesting)

How Do You Spell Capitalism? 2018

decostructed TV, media player, steel, video (17:59)
138 x 165 x 135 cm

(not) Just for those who can afford It. 2018

steel beams, steel chains, lock, vinyl lettering, safe, rubber brain and security seal
dimensions vary


Oil pastel, acrylics and digital print on cotton, video loop on tablet, critique by Muriel Meyer
260 x 200 cm

List of Urban Legends 2017

acrylics, digital print on PVC, thinner
50 x 40 cm

No Independent Confirmation 2017

Acrylics on Canvas
100 X 170 cm

Not too subtle, what‘s going on there.2017

filing clamp, uranium compounds, glass
175 x 34 x 34 cm

Zero Tolerance For Regrets 2017

dog toy, barbed wire, safe
185 x 17 x 17 cm

Do you regret abiding by society’s rules? 2017

acrylics on canvas
200 x 170 cm

Bringing New Fans to Different Disciplines 2017

acrylics on canvas
200 x 170 cm

Traditional Text-Heavy Submissions 2017

vinyl floor, envelope, plastic cat and artist‘s frame
60 x 16 x 25 cm

Comments Taken Out Of Context 2017

justitia, steel and spring scale
147 x 32 x 32 cm

Dead but Dreaming 2016

level, beer helmet, lava lamp, glass, drawing on paper, MDF board, Lerberg trestles, acrylics, clamps, GI brochures
dimensions vary

Ridge Cut 2016

rubber brain, Lerberg trestle, acrylics, clamp
dimensions vary

Discover 2016

book, catalogue and melting clock
100 x 120 x 34 cm

Like You Do 2014

inkjet print, wallpaper paste, acrylics on canvas
140 x 200 cm

Power 2016

waste gripper, globe, compressed-air tube, suction cup and cable tie
50 x 30 cm

The Pile of Debris before Him Grows Skyward 2017

steel, fence, decoration cats
dimensions vary